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We welcome all fans, inhabitants and city visitors!

Heartily we congratulate fans of football, from the different countries of the world on grandiose sports festival — the 21st FIFA World Cup! We bring to your attention interesting and useful information!


Goat is one of city symbols. It is represented on a municipal coat of arms.


Volga - the great Russian river, the longest in Europe (3530) and one of the world's largest.


Samara - the capital of the aviation and space industry of Russia. Slava's monument is open in 1971 in honor of achievements of workers of aircraft industry.


Space Samara. On one of the central streets of Samara it is possible to see the 50-meter carrier rocket "Soyuz" which was developed and made in this city. A rocket is a part of the museum "Samara — Space" opened in 2007.

The schedule of matches 2018 World Cap on football in Samara

Dear fans, inhabitants and city visitors! In Samara six games of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place.

The «Samara Arena» stadium will host matches of group stage (the A, C, E, F groups, and H), 1/8 and quarterfinal, including one of Russian national team matches.

The championship in Samara starts on June 17, and the last match will be held on July 7

The match starts in Moscow time (-1 hour)

Date Time № of match Venue Playing team
Group matches
On June 17
15:00 Match 11 Samara Arena E3 - E4
Serbien - Costa Rica
On June 21
18:00 Match 23 Samara Arena C4 - C2
Denmark - Australia
On June 25
17:00 Match 34 Samara Arena A4
Russia - Uruguay
On June 28
17:00 Match 46 Samara Arena H2 - H3
Senegal - Colombia
1/8 final
On July 2
17:00 Match 54 Samara Arena 1Е - 2F
1/4 final
On July 7
17:00 Match 59 Samara Arena The winner of match 55 in St. Petersburg
against the winner of match 56 in Moscow
How to reach from the Railway station and the International airport "KURUMOCH" Samara Arena stadium

Group transfer/airport shuttles

Audience and the general public within the host city of Samara will move on public passenger transport and/or special routes of buses shuttles (from the airport, the railway station and the intercepting parking to the landing zones and disembarkation located around stadium and the fan zone).

Distance from the airport to Samara Arena stadium - 40 km. (40 min.-1 hour), to the downtown-1,5 hour.

Distance from the railway station to Samara Arena stadium - 14 km. (20-30 min.)

Conditional No. of route Name of route / service Name of stopping points
S1 Airport – Stadium – Square of Revolution/ then on foot to the square of Kuibyshev (Fans zone) The Hippodrome, the Central bus station, the Railway station
S2 The Parking No. 1 – Samarskaya Square / then on foot to the square of Kuibyshev (Fans zone) The Hippodrome
S3 Parking No. 2 – Stadium Bus station Aurora, Central bus station, the Hippodrome
S5, S6 (tram) Tukhachevsky St – The railway station – stadium The Museum of Alabin, Samarskaya Square, Lenin Ave., the Star-Center, the Country park, Barboshina glade, Moskovskoye Highway
S7 Stadium – Samarskaya Square / then on foot to the square of Kuibyshev (Fans zone) The Star-Center, the Country park, Barboshina glade

To supply of transport service of the football funs who has accommodated in Togliatti, Novokuybyshevsk or other remote settlements which are not entering the urban district Samara it will be organized additional runs on railway and bus suburban and long-distance routes.

In particular, it is offered start of structures of electric trains along route 6326/6308/6307, the Zhigulyovsk Sea — Samara; one structure along route 6561, Peace – Bezenchuk; additional buses along the routes following to Togliatti; additional buses along the routes following to settlement Alekseyevka and Kinel; additional bus runs along the routes following to the Krasnoyarsk municipal district.

Point of arrival of the audience by using local electric trains is the railway station Samara, by using bus transport – stop of public transport at Komsomolskaya Square of Samara. As zone of sediment of buses, it is necessary to use the territory of suburban bus station of Samara. Delivery of the audience to key venues will be carried out by routes of S1, S2 and S5.

Platforms for placement of the intercepting parking in the territories adjacent to administrative borders of the city district Samara are located as follows:

No. 1 «North. Mall MEGA» is located in the adjacent territory of mall MEGA, the existing parking has the capacity of 6500 places.

The number of the parking places considered for use as the intercepting parking for the 2018 World Cup is 2438 places.

No. 2 "South. «Ambar» it is located in the adjacent territory of mall "Ambar", the existing parking has the capacity of 4350 places.

The number of the parking spaces considered for use as the intercepting parking for the 2018 World Cup is 1000 places.

Individual transfer

The travel agency "Sputnik-Germes" provides services in the organization of meeting at the airport and at stations of our city:

  • Comfortable transfer;
  • Thematic meeting at the airport;
  • Support by the guide-interpreter.

Transfer cost "Airport «Kurumoch»-Stadium «Samara Arena» and Railway Station-Stadium «Samara- Arena»:

Car brand Cost in hour The minimum time of the order in hour Cost
Merсedes S 221 black (4 places) 2500 3 7500 p
Merсedes S 222 black (4 places) 2500 3 12000 р
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter (20 places) with leather salon 2000 3 6000 p
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter (20 places) with usual salon 1800 3 5400 p
Options of transport will be replenished
Where to get information and the help?

Information points for tourists in Samara

In the city of Samara for holding matches tourist information centers where city visitors will be able to receive free of charge the map of the capital of the Province at once, presentation booklets and information on that, as well as where to organize the leisure in Samara and area will work. In the same place it will be possible to learn everything about hotels, excursions, tourist services and also about the festivals, holidays, concerts and other actions which are taking place in the Samara region. Workers of the pavilion will be able to provide information both in Russian, and in English.

Also, in pavilions it will be possible to get on-line of the permit to river walks across Volga from the Sputnik-Germes company.

About information centers Wi-Fi will work, and tourists will have opportunity to use special mobile application for navigation in different languages.

Pavilions will work to the following addresses:

  • Central office:

    Samara, Frunze St, 140, 1 floor, 443010

    8 (846) 207-07-38, 207-07-39

    Monday through Friday, with 9:00-18:00, lunch with 13:00-14:00



  • In the building of the railway station of Samara

    Samara, Komsomolskaya, 1


    twenty-four-hour, without breaks and days off.

    How to find us: directly before the central exit to the city turn to the right or specify at employees of the station.

  • At the airport «KURUMOCH»


    twenty-four-hour, without breaks and days off

    How to find us: the pavilion is conveniently located opposite to exit from the terminal of arrival of internal and international flights.

  • In fan zone «Kuibyshev square»

    Samara, Kuibyshev square

    Contact information will be later.

  • At «SAMARA-ARENA» stadium

    Samara, «SAMARA-ARENA»

    Contact information will be later.

How to reserve river walk?

The tour operator "Sputnik- Germes" during matches in Samara of WC 2018 from 14.06.18 to 15.07.18 invites to excursion walk across Volga. Each hour from the river station will go the comfortable walking motor ship ("Sputnik" or «Germes»).

During the walk you will have opportunity to discover history of the city of Samara, to admire its beaches and architecture from Volga. The excursion will be available in 4 languages (Russian, English, German, Spanish), there is a bar on board, there is access to wi-fi.

The schedule of the small fleet "Sputnik- Germes" for WC 2018

Every day from 14.06.18 to 08.07.18

Departure time «Sputnik» (Moscow -123) «Germes» (Moscow -190) «Metallurg - 1» «Metallurg - 2»
Рейсов за день 7 6 6 6

Cost: 1000 rub/persons, children up to 5 years free of charge.

It is possible to book ticket here: http://river4you.ru

Where to try the ethnic cuisine?

Grain capital of the 19th century.

Samara – the grain capital of Russia

Trade in wheat – beloturka became major activity of the Samara merchants. In the same period trade developed, the city was called "the Volga region Orleans", "the Russian Chicago". Huge grain barns by spaciousness from 1000 to 1700 tons of bread everyone is constructed, steam mills, the 2nd for size in Russia elevator (1916, capacity is 57 330 tons). The Samara grain was famous around the world – the British Queen Victoria liked to try cookies from the Samara wheat in the mornings.

Zhigulyovsk brewery

The 3rd in the list of the largest breweries of Russia – brewery of the Austrian nobleman, merchant of the first guild, the brewer, philanthropist - Alfred von Vakano.

15 medals of the international exhibitions (till 1917). Live" draft beer can be bought directly at the plant, in the place which residents of Samara call "Bottom" (The Ulyanovsk descent). Perhaps, the famous proletarian writer Maxim Gorky exactly from here has taken the name of the play "At the Bottom"?

Fish resources of Volga

On average the Volga Current in the 19th century was more than 10 thousand fishermen. In old times in the broad use residents of Samara had fish (dried, fresh, salty, smoked, dried). Traditional dishes of old Samara can be tried at restaurants of the city. You will be able to try real Samara Fish Soup. The dishes prepared according to recipes of Samara of the 19th century: sturgeon link with onions stewed fruit, gudgeons fried with vinegar and lemon juice, breams under stewed fruit with berries, "tilnya" - the fish stuffed with porridges.

You can taste beer snack from the Samara fish in bars of the city. Confectionery according to ancient recipes will wait for you at restaurants of Samara.

The recommended restaurants and cafe of Samara:

Family Italian restaurant "Chipolucho", the French cafe and bakery of "Sofie and Annabel", Bootlegger Muzcafe, Spicy barashka, the English cafe "Cambridge", Cozy cafe "Benjamin", Omni Chaykhana, «Syelbysam» eco-restaurant, Mr.Hadson restaurant, Mrs.Hadson restaurant, chain of restaurants "Three Deer", Chaykhon No. 1, Dear I will call back, Harat’s pub, Restaurant of east kitchen of «Chuchvar», Democratic family restaurant of Italian cuisine «Perchini», chain of Carrie coffee houses, pub "Boiled water", cafe of Georgian cuisine "Khachapuri", the Bavarian restaurant "Maximillian’s", stake house "Mollie's Crumb", premium the English restaurant "Churchill", the Irish pub "Shannon", aristocratic restaurant of Russian cuisine "Olivye", the German beer restaurant "Frau Muller"

What to look in Samara at?

In Samara is the biggest area in Europe place of Kuibyshev, the highest railway station in Europe, the biggest museum of equipment in the world in the open air, the most extended embankment of the Volga region... and the most beautiful girls in Russia:)

It is possible to get acquainted with sights of the city in more detail here: Sights of Samara

Where to order Guide?

Where to order Guide?

We request you can order guide in Russian, English, German, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Tel.: (846)270-40-40, 8-960-809-31-88, river3@sputnik-germes.ru

What to bring from Samara?

Candy Factory Russia

Move on to the sweet gifts from Samara. The chocolate factory «Russia», was built in the year 1967, known throughout the country. Of course, it is possible to buy products throughout the country, but in Samara you will be able to buy all the latest.
The candy is sold in bulk and in gift boxes («collection», «native land», etc.). In the city there are candies in any store.


Special chip city is "creamy Fudge, which produced confectionery factory" world ". Taste that everyone remembers exactly unchanged over the past decade.

Candied roasted nuts

Another delicious sweet candy from factory of Samara.

Zhigulevskoye beer

A few beers produced in the famous factory, founded by Alfred von Vacano. Beer in the glass you can buy in any supermarket.

If time permits, be sure to visit the factory. There you can buy beer on tap or beer souvenirs, visit the bar "at the Bottom" or "restaurant" Vacano.
Factory address: Samara, Volga prospect, 4.
Recall, excessive drinking does harm to your health.

Dried fish and crayfish

Samara is located on the Volga River-rich River teeming with fish. Perfect for tourists, salted, smoked or dried fish. Its produce and big shops, and ordinary fishermen.

Local reviews to try fish on curio stalls next to the beer factory. And more profitable to buy stock fish and smoked on the wholesale market "Moscow" or "Samara" market (Maltseva St, 9/1 (Soviet District)).

Crayfish. Be sure to try the Samara crayfish or take them with you as a gift. Stores or shopping can be found on the Internet. We know the network "crayfish".

Gingerbread and sweets from Palych

Confectionery "U Palycha" is known far beyond the borders of Samara. But the most delicious cakes and sweets, of course in his hometown. Be sure to try the cakes and pastries, and a gift take painted gingerbread. From pastries, local reviews cheese pockets with berries, biscuit rolls, coffee cakes, meringues, cakes made with honey.
There are products in any store of the city and their own branded stores.

Shop and restaurant is located on the street. Kuibyshev, d. 100

Space souvenirs

Samara is significant for space place. Here built a rocket for the first human space flight.

In the Museum «Самара космическая» you will find various souvenirs. If you are lucky, you will be able to buy real food for astronauts.

Where to buy souvenirs?

Souvenirs with symbols of the city's major attractions, you will be able to purchase at the following addresses:

  • On board of the pleasure ships "Sputnik" and "Germes"
  • Souvenir pavilions in the fan zone Kuibyshev Square
  • «Samara souvenirs»- Frunze St., 145
  • «Souvenir shop» - Samarskaya St., 51
  • «Sambuc» on embankment /Leningradskaya descent, 9.00 till 21.00 without breaks and weekends daily.


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